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Oct 10, 2012 6:00am PDT
democratic congressional campaign committee doug foreign nell and from the now romney superpack. so we could really walk out on the house debate. ann i want to put up our top ten markets, these are the most saturated ad markets for the eighth through the 14th. norfolk, cleveland, florida, virginia plus ro colorado. flohva and then colorado, iowa, wisconsin those are the six. >> this is the map, this is the place that we all want to visit and the people there probably want to flee by now. we have known this map from the outset and the map hasn't changed. that's one of the interesting things. despite all the ups and downs, we are in this same map. >> that is an interesting point that, is that a yellow flag for romney? he's doing well, everything's popped for him. but you know the map hasn't changed. >> but the map has gotten better. before the debate, we saw it tight. si since the debate, he's not within the margin of error, he's going to be up. i think going into the 12re67, he's exactly where he needs to be. >> you're not concerned that the maps never really expanded. >> they expand
Oct 29, 2012 6:00am PDT
politics in virginia. doug wilder became governor because of it, some would argue. but does that make it talking to white males -- >> you've got to remember the district we ran. you know, in richmond last year, they went for the transvaginal ultrasounds and all this craziness. with the seventh district, our exit poll says it's now 68%. you know, eric cantor is one of these guys who talks about, you know, government intrusion and how we don't need government intrusion. but yet, you know, he has been with todd akin on 32 different bills pushing this government intrusion into women's individual rights. >> i want to go back and close with a thought that we opened with, independents. can you win virginia and lose independents if you're a democrat? is there enough of this democratic get out the vote machine that you were touting to me off camera to overcome losing independents even narrowly? >> you know, without question. and there's something else at work here in virginia that people don't talk about. i mean, you're aware of this. i mean, the guest tv guy ever in the history of the commonweal
Oct 22, 2012 9:00am EDT
ceo, doug observ observ observ observer hom. when you start looking at what's happening in the rest of -- in europe, that's the biggest concern. he does say that europe -- the u.s. is going to be okay. china is going to be okay. europe is still the big problem zone. and he pointed out that if we go over the fiscal cliff, well, then all bets are off. so we're hoping for some sort of solution to that. in the meantime, it's wait and see for the election, wait and see for the january fiscal cliff, as well. >> all right. becky quick, thank you much. >>> next, from iran to libya, to cuba, taking a deep dive into the foreign policy plate. "the daily rundown" will be back in 30 seconds. >>> now a deep divinto the foreign affairs challenges. we begin with iran. the white house this weekend denied reports that the u.s. has agreed to engage in one-on-one nuclear talks. this issue could galvanize republicans, as well as jewish voters fearful of the fallout from israel. the jewish voters are a key constituency here in florida. for them, this is about ensuring the next president is on the same pa
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)